Privacy Policy

You hereby acknowledge to the privacy policy of our website It contains information on how we collect data and information from users and transfer it to other third-parties. The information collected thus is subject to the jurisdiction of our organization.

Data collection

Our website collects data from its users if and only if the query compels it. Therefore, all users must provide accurate and true details for resolving their queries. The information is collected in relation to troubleshooting, maintenance and other support issues. However, you must agree to opt for our services. Additionally, we will also require personal information of our customers to process the query further. This includes (but not limited to) the following:

Name and contact information requires your name, home number or mobile number and your email address for processing any request. You will transfer this information through a personal phone call or through a written correspondence.

Payment information

The website is a third-party site that will charge its users for availing its services. Therefore, you must provide your payment information such as the card number and other related information. If you refuse to submit these details, we will not be able to proceed with our service. Besides, the information will be highly confidential unless we are planning a legal action.

Device information

You must provide accurate information regarding your printer specific model number and other technical details. Sometimes, our representatives may try to connect with your device remotely to resolve the issue. You cannot expect any refund if you do not agree to such processes.

Error reports

Report any current and existing conditions of your printer to our representatives. Withholding such info from will only slow down the support process.


Like any other leading website, will collect cookies for the sole purpose of providing better services to our customers. Kindly refrain from using our website if you do not agree to our cookies usage.

Information usage

The website will collect, store and process information given by our users for providing support related services. In order to process payment information, we will share your details with certified payment gateways. In case, there is a misuse or abuse of our website content then all the personal details and any other information available with us will be shared with the competent authority. You must also note that your conduct with our representatives will be monitored. will not hesitate to take necessary action against those who do not follow the code of conduct.