How To Do Epson ET-3600 Install

Epson ET-3600 is one among the top and best printer compares with HP printer. Which provides you high-quality printing with its amazing features. Some of the top and the best features of the Epson 3600 printer include fast printing speeds, small size, and easy setup, easy menu navigation, cartridge free printing, save up to eighty percent of ink and a few more. Below are the guidelines for the Epson ET-3600 install.

Epson ET-3600 install

Epson ET-3600 install

Epson ET-3600 install is the simple process and you can follow the quick and easy guidelines below.

  • The step 1 is to prepare your printer by following the instructions which are provided in the setup manual.
  • Step 2 is downloading the required software.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded the required version of the software visiting the Epson website
  • Download the supporting software now and also the respective drivers. Once you have downloaded the required software, start connecting it to your printer.
  • Check that your printer supports PCL or PS3 driver versions. The Epson website provides you clear information about the drivers and software’s which are compatible

How to install Epson 3600 printer drivers

  • Epson ET-3600 install requires the suitable drivers.
  • The initial step before you download is to switch on your computer where your driver is to be installed.
  • You can now connect your USB cable.
  • Download the setup file from the link which is available. You can now follow the on screen instructions on the screen and the setup file will be downloaded automatically.
  • Once the execution of the setup wizard is complete, you can connect the USB cable between Epson et 3600 printer and your computer.
  • The cable will now detect your computer and you go ahead with the further steps of the installation process.
  • Each step in the wizard will prompt you to enter the input values
  • Your Epson ET-3600 driver install will be automatically done and are ready to use now.
  • The installer file contains all the requirements for connecting the Epson ET-3600 wirelessly.
  • Drivers and download combo package installer are available for windows 10. Choose your required driver from the packages that are available.

You can now find the above guidelines for the Epson ET-3600 install. To know more, visit us at and our network support team is here to assist you and provide you further guidelines.

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